Breaking Bad Spoilers, Bitch!

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It’s been a great run, but the curtains are about to fall for Heisenberg and Co. In the slow-blink, head-shaking, what just happened..?! tradition of Breaking Bad, what do we think will come as a result of the last episode?

Have a look at some of these predictions, then choose which one you think will be most likely to happen as part of the season finale of Breaking Bad…Bitch!

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  1. It fails to fill the void in your life.
  2. Walt wakes up in bed as Hal from Malcolm in the Middle. It was all a dream.
  3. 6-10 actors never work again.
  4. Obama legalizes meth: Whole show now pointless.
  5. The Smoke Monster is Walt.
  6. Opening scene, title card, commercials, couple other scenes, commercials, more scenes, end credits.
  7. Walt dies. Or doesn’t. I don’t give a shit.
  8. Fring, Ehrmantraut, Tuco, Krazy 8, Hector Salamanca: gay zombie orgy.
  9. It doesn’t matter, you won’t get it anyway.
  10. Walt’s baby kills everyone.
  11. Walt runs. Skyler cries. Hank gripes. Marie talks. Jesse smokes. Walt Jr. limps. The end.
  12. I laugh at that kid with the crutches.
  13. Walt and Jessie move to Connecticut and get married.
  14. Flynn skips breakfast.
  15. Hank’s wife is whiny and annoying
  16. Bruce Willis is dead.
  17. Walt and Jesse reenact “2 Girls 1 Cup”.
  18. Jesse…I am your father.
  19. A black guy shows up and says “You white people are crazy!”
  20. Everybody poops on the baby.
  21. Don’t Stop Believin’ plays on the diner jukebox and nothing gets resolved.
  22. Badger goes to Harvard and Skinny Pete gets fat.
  23. Aliens ‘n’ shit.
  24. A show promoted as “From the creators of Breaking Bad” will be hugely disappointing.
  25. Walt goes back to being a teacher.
  26. You go back to annoying people about game of Thrones (or The Walking Dead).
  27. Walt kills Skyler and all is forgiven.
  28. Walt gets laser eye surgery.
  29. Saul fixes a parking ticket for Hank.
  30. You read a book. Please? Read a fucking book!
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